A320neo testing quicker takeoff


Boeing’s 737 losing its edge?

I don’t think this is really needed on an a320 they already have pretty good language abilaties

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@Full_flight: Language abilities? The A320neo is being tested to have an even shorter takeoff length. For some airlines, the shorter the better. FR has a few of the unpopular A319neo variant on order partially to help takeoff performance on shorter runways, like their base at TTN for example. This could replace A319-100s and A319neos on long, thin, but short runway markets. 757-200 immediately comes to mind.

@benny1263: “neo”, or “New Engine Option” is the designation Airbus has begun to tack onto the ends of their next-gen aircraft. For example:

A319-100 to A319neo
A320-200 to A320neo
A321-200 to A321neo and A321neoLR
A330-200 to A330-800neo
A330-300 to A330-900neo

This may not happen but:

A380-800 to A380neo/A380-800neo and possibly A380-900neo.

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Just tack some JATO bottles on the side.

Would be cool.

On topic though, I don’t think the 737 will be removed from service, it’s still a very nice airplane to fly (in my opinion at least) and there are a lot of airplanes still operating it.

I think it was 3/4 of airlines that operate it a lot more than the a320 and also every 3 seconds a 737 takes off or lands so really common

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What’s this have to do with thr A320neo?

I was suggesting that the 737 could lose orders to Airbus now that Airbus is intruding on one of the 737s main selling points (Their rapid takeoff package)

Yea that might (and will) probabably happen

😂 sorry it was auto correct. I meant landing abilities

I guess every topic has to be argumentative on this forum. If they don’t do that, they think they are not true member of this community. ;)