A320neo - Not needed in IF

Those planes have different fuselages, wings, engines, and liveries. Many A320neo operators already operate current A320 aircraft.

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Then the 777-200lr with Er?

Respectfully disagree, the engines do look noticeably different.

It’s a relatively cheap and easy upgrade to the pylon and engines on the 3d model, and tweak the flight model.

Plus it could be a nice little earner for them


I agree with you. Not really any point to having one, however the livery on the bog standard 320 would be nice.

If you take this logic then we don’t need the new 737 Max then. Because it is just a slight update of the plane. Nothing majorly different


I strongly disagree. It may not be that different from the original A320, but lots of people like it because of the engines. They could put different liveries on the A320NEO than the normal A320 to make it more unique and appealing. I think it could make them decent money, but I won’t expect the A320NEO anytime soon.

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I’d agree, but I’d say as a whole we have a good suite of jet aircraft.

Now, I’d say we need some more varied aircraft, such as GA.


Might aswell have a 737 with colossal engines, and there we have it, a 777

I disagree with you. The a320neo is a marvel of technology and should definitely be added (not necessarily before global, but definitely afterward).

Well, if we went by that logic, then why do we have around 4-5 variants of the Boeing 737 in the sim? There is absolutely no difference between those either (except the length).

I say the a320neo is a must have!


Never thought about it that way , really good points @Boeing777x. In my opinion I would prefer to see the developers working on the A350 and 3D buildings before working on the A320neo …

And we have the 318/319/320/321 that are the same besides length too, I can see it being added sometime down the road.

Touché ;) I was just trying to make a point.

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Don’t request a 737MAX then either.


Make a topic with “boeing 737-max - Not needed in IF”…
Closed!!! (sorry my humor xDDD)


3D bulding? It’s a mobile simulator dude ;)
Maybe in 5 years…

Haha yes me and my iPad know it a mobile simulator, but hey no harm in asking !

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Tbh I really didn’t care about the 200LR either, but that does have different liveries compared to the 200ER.

Fair Enough I mean I cant wait for global

This is true and I feel like new engines won’t be simulated until we get da good fuel burn. But I’m pretty sure global won’t have fuel burn as some of Laura’s Insta posts showing off global can show it off. So Mr. @Boeing777x I agree.