A320neo Lufthansa (New Livery)

A320neo Lufthansa

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With a possible A320neo rework in the near future I would be happy to see the new Lufthansa livery for it. I love the Lufthansa Blue and the black cockpit mask ! It makes it look much more modern and elegant.

What’s your opinion ? Feel free to comment below and vote to support this request !

Thank you for voting! :D



Stunning livery !


I love this livery so much :DDD

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A very very sexy livery! The raccoon mask makes her look mean yet beautiful!


Very nice takeoff at Split :DD Love the sound

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I can fully agree with you. I love this livery too :DD

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Yes i think this would be a good add for the A320 neo Familly

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Yesss this is an very nice livery ;)

The A20N is such a beautiful aircraft. You have my full support on this. And if it gets announced to be add, my vote as well.

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Out of votes but fully supporting this! So beautiful!

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100% I mostly fly Lufthansa and Eurowings flights, would be good too see German Wings added in the future

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I don’t see that as necessary as they will fully integrate into Eurowings anyways

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I can fully agree with you. :D

Oh nice :) Yesss we need more german Airlines liverys in IF

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The A320 NEO is not planned at this time. In an effort to preserve precious votes this topic is closed. If development is confirmed at a later date, livery requests for that aircraft will be permitted.

This feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app.

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