A320neo edited (Infinite Flight)

I was curious about how the A320neo would look when they add it to Infinite Flight, so I decided to edit the A320 in the simulator. I had some errors, so I edited it with a basic mobile device editor, but I still liked the result.

.This could be a similar preview of how it would look when they add it to the simulator in the future. I want to hear your opinions on how it turned out!



Really nice edit


That’s actually a pretty good edit of the A320NEO!

Hopefully we see it in the future of Infinite flight!


That’s amazing. !!!

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That actually looks good ngl

Yo this looks legit!
Amazing editing!

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I hope the spoilers work even more realistically.
The aileron will further expand the dream of maneuvering.
Like A380


Great photoshop (now do the max)

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There is no hopefully. It will

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Looks nice

I was wondering this too.
Looks good! Hopefully the sharklets get fixed XD

If you would not tell us that it’s edited, no one would know, looks really good.

You meant that ailerons will both face upwards when the plane slows down during roll-out?


It looks so good!

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We need this to fly into my local airport!

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that is sick!looks really realistic

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