A320N and livery’s

With the now frequent changes of aircraft and addition of new livery’s I think adding an a320neo model is essential as majority of low cost and even international airlines are using them now. Still keeping the original a320 section just adding the neo would be great as you could still keep some of the same airlines but you could use the different model of a flight you are recreating or whatever.

NEO Liverys.
I’ve seen lots of suggestions of suggestions of neo livery’s but the one I’ve seen the most is the British airways better world livery G-TTNA which looks stunning. I think adding that would be great as it is currently active and flies daily. 2 other livery’s I’ve seen suggested a lot are the AZUL Donald Duck livery F-WWDF and the Eurowings a320neo

Please take into consideration and leave suggestions here


Feel free to vote here to get the A320neo added to Infinite Flight!