A320ifly's Flight Tracking Thread

Can you do
A flight to jfk with me from charlotte

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I will depart in 15 minutes

Sure! When is that?

2pm if that’s ok

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Maybe… I’m gonna do this flight, and then I’ll see.

Spawning in now!

Flight plan is ready to copy! The flight is happening now, @deltaoutofdca

I can’t attend.

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Hi! Im sorry couldnt attend this 😭 Was flying already EGLL-ZUCK. I just landed! Sorry 😔

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Sure, sign me up for that ping list please!

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Now worries! Just landed as well!

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Amazing! You’re good to go!

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Flight #3

Route: EDDM - KSAN

Airline: Lufthansa

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Callsign: Lufthansa 5Y

Passengers: 230

Est. Flight Time: 10-11 hours

Cruise Alt: FL360

Fuel: 77,655kg

Cargo: 7,085kg

Flight Plan: Copy from me (@A320ifly) when you spawn in.

Departure Runway: 26L

Landing Runway: 27

Spawn Gates: Terminal 2 Satellite Gates

Parking Gates: Terminal 2 Gate 48, 50A, and 51

Server: Expert

Times: 2024-07-14T13:30:00Z2024-07-15T00:30:00Z

Status: Landed


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Posting this one a little earlier due to the length of the flight.

I should be able to come.

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Amazing! See ya there!

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Well… actually the time doesnt fit with my timezone, we’ll land at 3 am where I am 😅

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Oh, no! Well, that won’t work… 😆

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I will spawn in shortly!