A320 won't fly above 32,000 feet

Hello, I am currently flying a A320 at 349 knots and the plane will not go above 32,000 with autopilot on, is this supposed to happen?

Hello, can I ask how high is your rate of climb and how heavy is the aircraft?

The weight of my airplane is at 134,500Lbs and no matter what my rate of climb is the plane will still not go above 32,000 feet.

What do you mean by it won’t go above? Is it refusing to change altitude or you keep stalling when you go that high?

Did you check your altitude on autopilot to see if it’s set…

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Just for the record, you shouldn’t be cruising at 349kts… Mach speed for an a320 shouldn’t ever really exceed .82, typically I believe it’s .79

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The plane is refusing to go above.

Do you have any 3rd party apps running in the background?

I have no 3rd party apps running.

Instead of using the autopilot, can you please try climbing manually? Chances are you may just be too heavy.


Is your ALT set to 32,000 feet?


That’s exactly what I said 😂😂😂

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Ehrm, 349kts IAS at FL320 equals around Mach 1 during normal conditions. It’s not impossible you broke the plane?


Can we please get a screen shot of your HUD at 32000 feet when this is happening?

Without any visual help, everyone is going to guess and throw out random items. But I assure you it can go above 32,000 as many have done it. Your weight seems a bit high so a screen shot would really help.


I set it to 35,000

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Ok so like Chris S said a screenshot would help out, and can you confirm what your vertical speed (vs) is set to

I will get a screenshot in 1 minute. I’m getting the A320 back up to 32,000

I can set the vertical Speed to whatever I want and it still won’t climb

When you change the VS does it go back to zero?

@MathAviation7 mentioned it earlier. You have to change the altitude in your AP before you update the VS. Otherwise if your AP is set at 32k and you change the VS it will zero itself because you are already at the desired altitude.


The VS does not go back to zero. What the altitude is showing is that it is trying to climb so it goes from 31 up to 32,500 and back down and it keeps bouncing back and forth between 31,000-32,500