A320 Wizzair Landing


The wizz is an a320 but nice video.

I wouldn’t call it perfect ;) You just gotta try and keep the nose up a bit longer, and try and land in-between the 2 big rectangles (The landing zone) other than that, it was pretty good :)


Did your even use flaps 🌚 (Nice attempt nonetheless!)


Not sure at 100% but you miss the Landing lights 😊

Ah flaps for me in airbus are bad :0
It was so wind when i was flying so thats why it was a little bit bad

Even if it’s windy, you should use flaps. You don’t have to fly the approach in the full Flap config. but landing without flaps is never a good idea.


ty for the advice

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Okay so:
No flap,
The landing doesn’t seem very smooth and your right wing view.

Bad Landing


Here you go. Sorry for the crap quality. Give a 50kts crosswind a go.

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I don’t want to be you passenger 😂


You need flaps! 😂

Ok thanks for the advices other vids will be better

That wasn’t perfect, you’re landing gear were forced into the runway. They’re supposed to lightly tap the runway.

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Airbus windows arent square😎

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Nice landing! There’s a lot you could work on though…

thanks a lot :3

Engines seem to be more high pitched than a a320.

Your wheels would burst in real life you need to flare the plane upwards set trim to help you and touch down in the middle of the runway try not to overrun and don’t wobble the plan that much try and keep the joke steady so that the wings don’t hit the ground. Don’t forget about flaps as well you cannot land without them.

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