A320 (with old easyJet livery) And a319 with easyJet writing

Please Add the EasyJet writing on the sharklet’s and wingtip fence on the a320 (with older livery) and a319 like IRL image

I love easyJet , I agree for old A320 , it needs the logo, that seems incomplete, same on A319.

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Have I put this in correct category?

I guess you can only use one pic (the A320 real life one would be good)

so remove the A319 ones, since there’s already a thread for it

I have put 4 pics on it

here you are EasyJet A319 rework/correction

Ah, but it doesn’t mention the easyJet writing on the wingtip fence

Yes I know but you can talk about it there I guess since it’s about easyJet A319 problems in general I guess

Btw nor the old easyJet A320 or current easyjet A319 will be corrected I think, it’s not considered as important for some

I get it may not be hugely important but it can be annoying seeing as it’s been in the game for years and it’s never been corrected. Hopefully one day

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That should well be a easy fix to do?

Hey, while your request is a great contribution to the community. It is breaking the rules for the catagory. Only one feature is allowed per topic

Here are more details:

Hope this helps and see you around

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