A320 wing streaks

A320 wing streak

Today I was doing a flight from Rapid City South Dakota to Billings Montana. When I was taxiing to the runway I noticed these black streaks on the leading edge of the wing and under the fuselage. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this before and knew the reason for it.

The two things I could think of to explain the black streaks was that this was added on purpose to make the aircraft look a little more “worn“, The second thing I thought of was that perhaps this was a glitch or mistake by the developers.

If someone has any more information or ideas I would love to hear them, thanks!

P.S. this is my first time creating a topic and would be open to hearing feedback on how I did. 😉


You did a great job for a beginner! For your real question, the developers must have put it in the plane to make it look more worn out as you previously said. It makes the aircraft look more realistic as we all know that an airplane can’t go for much long without a simple steak. This is the case with most aircraft in IF as well, look at some APUs, and some landing gear.

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Welcome and nice job on your first topic. This was intentionally added to give some character and realism to the livery. 🙂


That is just cool little graphics on the aircraft to make it look more realistic. In real life, you will see those on planes and they are produced from a long period of time without a cleaning. They evolve from fuel, and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

Thanks, good to know!

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You will also find marks like these on some other aircraft too, e.g. united 777-200Er battleship grey livery

That’s a very nice addition a certain Dev likes to add to his liveries. It’s nice to have variation as for the most part all the planes on IF tend to be nice and shiny.

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I never noticed it on the 777 before I will have to go look!

The AA B777’s 200’s also have it

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What actually causes the streaks? It’s something that I’ve been wanting to know for a while now…

Well in real life I’d have to assume oil or hydraulic fluid leakage or something. Possibly lubercant for the slats.

In the livery creation part, probably a brush tool.


Really? Damn.

Mmhmm hydraulic and oil leaks. Sounds nice

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The streaks are intentional. The streaks on a real plane normally come from grease getting into the airflow and streaking out, as well as deicing fluid rhat gives dirt something to stick to.


Okay guys, this has been repeated for a while now, probably time for a moderator or staff to close this!

Thanks for the discussion! I didn’t even know about this until now! 😉

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It’s a combination but not as bad as it sounds.

When an aircraft has it’s oil topped up, it taxis out to the runway and sets it’s pretake off N1. Then once the engines/thrust has “stabilised” they set take off thrust which depending on many factors is somewhere around 80-93%N1. This increase in thrust creates an overpressure which causes the engine to release some oil, more prevalent in older engines (watch a video of a B52 taking off for an obvious display).

Also don’t forget aircraft fly through ALOT of dirt, which turns the rain/condensed water/deicer fluid into a dirty colour…

Aircraft can eat steak…or eat anything???



That is amazing didn’t know the devs added that. Quick question which aircraft models have livery’s with wear?

Ive never noticed this since i really only fly Air New Zealand aircraft the 777-300ER, A320 and 787 (all in the fleet are under 7 years old).

Well pardon me, I didn’t notice that as I meant to type streak. A plane eating a steak would be interesting…

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If you remember pre global the American Airlines 777 had the same streaks. I’ve seen it on real aircraft and thought it was intentional to make the aircraft look more aged or worn for realism.

AA B777’s , UA Battleship livery and some Frontier A320’s