A320 Wing Glitch and building doesnt show up

So recently i did a flight from KDEN to KDCA ( Both has buildings) but when i flew on the Frontier A320, the there are some glitch on the texture. After i arrive, The building does not render

Device: Realme 6 Pro
Settings : all on high.


Hello David 👋

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this. Can you please try the following?

  • Ensure that you have downloaded version 21.1 of the app.

Judging by your first picture, it seems that KDCA does not have the 3D objects icon beside it. Also, I don’t see any clouds in your screenshots. I know you may have them disabled.

The above evidence leads to me to think that there is a possibility that you are still on version 20.3

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Glitch on aircraft texture is a known issue and was reported in open beta.
On buildings not loading try clearing scenery cache and re-start app/device.

First of all, you’re not on 21.1, second of all, the wings have dirt/grime on them, not a glitch, just IFs attempt at dirty wings.

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This is the version that i do my flight on.

Your device is not supported for 21.1 that’s why there is no buildings and no clouds. You would be able to tell if you are on 21.1 if you were to click on DEN/DCA and it 3D in green.

What device do you have? Year (generation) as well?

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Realme 6 Pro
Snapdragon 720G
8GB of ram.

Should be supported since it can ran IF on all high setting.

By the looks of it, your device is not supported, sorry :(

I experienced the same problems as well for the aircraft + buildings, however clearing the cache didn’t help in order to bring back buildings once I parked after my landing.

(iPhone 11)

Thats weird, since when i departed kden the building exist.

Could you go into replays if possible and grab a screenshot with buildings?

@david_hartono_S @anon36354988 did you restart your game?

I deleted the replays in order to save storage so I can’t. I also deleted the app and installed it back and it works correctly this time (for the buildings problem not the A320 one)

I faced the same situation with the buildings I had to restart my app 2 times before the buildings came back.

Nothing will really change for the A320.

If buildings/objects are not showing up, close out of the app, restart and load back in, this should bring the buildings/objects back.

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