A320 Wing Flickering Bug


I have been having a small issue with the A320 lately. When I look through the left wing camera, I notice a small flickering spot near the spoilers, making it look as though there is a hole or empty space in the wing. Has anyone else been having this problem? I understand that it’s not a big issue, but it’s becoming kind of annoying and I would really appreciate if this could be fixed before global comes out. Many thanks to the devs for all your hard work - I can’t wait for global!

J.M. Uribe

Device, software version needed. Any specific steps to reproduce?

Edit: I notice the same issue. Like you said, not a big issue. Im running iPad Mini 4, iOS 10.2.1 It requires movement of the aircraft for it to appear. Not as notice able when aircraft is stationary.


Could you show a screenshot? It may be related to anti-aliasing.

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Check your graphic settings and make sure that all of them are at least at “high” quality. Make sure that anti-aliasing is enabled to help improve aircraft and scenery graphics. If you have an older device, I recommend that you lower your graphics and turn off anti-aliasing.

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