A320 vs A320 neo

I’m thinking about making a feature for the Middle East airlines but the thing is that it’s an a320 neo aircraft and I’m not sure if the new versions will be added on Infinite Flight.

Are the A320 the same thing as A320 neos? Should I just request for the A320 instead of the neo? What’s the actual difference between them?

The reason for why I’m asking this is because currently the Middle East airlines have a fleet of a320 but they are gonna start receiving their a320neos next year and sell their a320s. So I’m not sure what to request for.

Thanks in advance!

A320 Neos sound cool! all day in infinite we’ve been flying CEOs (current engine option) I would like to see frontier liverys on it

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Do u know what they stand for? CEO and NEO? 😊

CEO= current engine options
NEO- new engine options

Only real difference is a new engine and some internal design changes. You wont see a difference in flight characteristics


Yeah, some neos have cool liveries but I don’t think FDS will add them any time soon, as they just don’t really provide any “cool” new features. Also, the engines sound awesome but since we don’t really have differences in engine noise this isn’t really worth acknowledging.

Here is a cool livery - not my photo btw


The NEO have a better engine. More fuel efficient and less noise.

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There is a difference with load and range with the two aircrafts. They are similar, but they are also very different.

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