A320 vs 737

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  • A320

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737 for life!!!


737 is Boss!!!


Love A320 with the autoland, but 737’s are just to good man, love to fly southwest liv. for 737-700 and AA liv. for 737-800 (Sometimes delta and united)


Ryan air pushes 737 to limit

I have excuse to land badly on advance

it’s a win for Boeing737

The a320 is THE BEST PLANE IN THE WORLD it can handle more flights than the 737, more efficient,less C02 emissions
I have flown both as an IRL pilot for BA and the a320 is better in all ways
(We don’t use 737s anymore, I’m pretty sure)


I can’t believe an actual pilot commented on my post WOW

I don’t know what to say about that

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Are you really a real pilot for BA? That’s so cool! BTW the a320 is bae ;)

Don’t tell my boss but I like to use other airlines as well as BA

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I have more 737 models than I have any other!

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Big fan of BA BUT I like monarch as well! I normally I always fly with BA in IF

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What’s that supposed to mean??

I can sure respect that


Love a320. Flew in one to Tenerife. Loved every moment!

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  1. Real pilots don’t fly with sidesticks.
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love the a320

To clarify I’ve only flown on sims

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Ryanair pilots often land 737s with no flare at all which results in hard landings. But 737s are designed to fly and land with no flaring… so yeah

A320 family wins for me. Cleaner design and I prefer the shape of the aircraft (especially the nose). 737’s just bring back memories of being stuck in a cramped seat on a holiday flight with screaming babies everywhere.