A320 that was pushed into trees...

Hello all again !
Some or most of you may of heard of a TV programme called Car crash TV. In this example it’s name should be changed to Plane crash TV - and for obvious reasons (once you read the article… ) The article also states that the aircraft was _accidentally _ pushed into the trees.
Here is a image:

Article below.

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I’ll bet the line guy is probably without a job after that one.

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Yeah I suppose. I mean like what was he doing to crash a plane to a A320 into a tree.

If there was an issue with the tow fork like the story says it could have either broken in use or it wasn’t hooked up correctly. Maybe they were just towing too fast? It’s not a very detailed explanation.

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Well we all know who is getting fired today

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No it’s not sorry

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Yeah it looks like he was trying to play hide and seek with the aircraft.

Do we have to put every news article about a plane accident on the forum!?


Good Point, I was thinking the same. Not every incident is necessary to be put our here.

Not all incidents are major ones that needs a own thread for it, and attention from all the users on the forum. Many of the articles that have been posted on the forum has been about a private Cessna crashing on hillside, like that happens way too often to even be news anymore.

Surely it’s sad to hear someone passed away in a accident but many such as this one, like well, they did wrong so what, happens from time to time and isn’t anything big or mindblowing to know.

Sorry, but we don’t need a topic created for ever single minor incident that happens, like a airplane being pushed into the trees… :/

There should be a new rule on this forum


Depends on the scale of the accident. If it’s a major one where hundreds of people are involved and classified as one of the biggest in recent history then Sure, I’d allow that from my part, be my guest, but his one, Nah bro, this isn’t anything note worth, happens from time to time around the world.

@Captain_JR yeah but not planes being ran into trees

Technically that is already a rule. From About the Real World Aviation Category:


You seemed pretty into it earlier.

All these posts are off topic so if you want to carry on PM me or they’ll be flagged. Thanks

Nope not this one. It’s bad luck on their side it happened, but it’s nothing big. And I would probably never seen this on the news here where I live if it wasn’t for this post…

It’s not considered a global news.

I rest my case then

#1001 cases dismissed

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Please see the following post that Mr. Matt replied please. We’re seeing an increase in these smaller aviation reports. Lets try to keep them to a minimum please. Thanks