A320 testing

here we go. Q400 it is.

Said on the IF flight tracker. It said Dash 8 Q400

It was fake…

IT WAS A JOKE; IT IS NOT REAL. Cam was just messing around. For the love…

A suggestion? Not to mess around as it gets alot of peoples hopes up and then they are dashed (no pun intended) seems to me that IF could use a PR manager.

Did anyone really think the Millenium Falcon was being added? TIE Fighters? Really? If you ask me, IF has great PR. What’s everyone talking about? IF, the update, and what they’d like to see added down the road. It’s all about buzz and you can’t deny how much buzz there currently is.

No but dash and Concorde are features people would really like. And there is mostly screaming about livery, and then the inevitable questions of does it really take two months to test the plane etc.

No it doesn’t take 2 months to test an aircraft made from scratch. It takes much longer. As good as they are, it doesn’t happen over night. Give it time. And don’t assume because you’re just now starting to see and hear about the 320s that the process has just began…

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Although I love your tone and treating me like I’m an idiot, I meant testing on live so no it shouldn’t. Just seems to me as every day goes by the mods are getting a good free play. And what do you mean, its been in pictures for MONTHS, there’s a reason behind the timescale obviously, but I get the feeling its related to a financial decision. Maybe release after Xmas, call me cynical?


Betcha. Jan 1st.

Yup Jan 1st 2017. I would suspect that the Devs will get this product out as soon as it is ready. I am sure that they are debugging some of the issues they are observing and that the team who is testing the product is spending much time trying to break it to ensure that the user base gets a quality product! The team who actually do this work spend a lot of their free time to the benefit of other users. I applaud their work and look forward to getting my hands on a bug- free A320 and mystery plane!


This is entertaining.

You can apologize any time.

Soooo excited 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Yep how to look foolish. Although what I must point out is one plane? No taxi lights, Papi lights, featured they couldn’t debug for iOS. Hard workers for sure…

Excuse me! There are PAPI and VASI! I have started detailing them on my web site in the schematics

You can hardly see them ha. They are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard

True but they are there 😜