A320 testing

I just saw someone flying the a320 on live flight in the advanced sever. I took a screen shot but I couldn’t put it in to this.(I’m new to the forums)

Everyone has seen several now. They put them out to a group of beta testers before releasing in case someone can find something wrong.

Yes. We know it’s tested. Just want them to release it now mate, there’s many threads on this forum, it’s like hysteria on here

Welcome Riley! The A320 is now in its testing phase. That means the the developers and beta testers are probably flying them around now to test them.

Ok. I searched the forums but I couldn’t find any other sightings like this

Upload the photo if you can

Sorry guys. I’m new to the forums. But I have had infinite flight for over 2 years.

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I don’t know how @Makeaflightforfun


Did it say unknown?

No it said a320 on live flight 5 mins ago

Neither do I haha. Think the link comes up using iPad quite easily

Oh I just read you have to be trust level 1 to upload photos.

The guy is still there though. On the advanced server at Florida on live flight.

He said on live flight. Like this:





They are everywhere.


Sorry I didn’t realise.

It had to be close, AAAAA

Is about time, they have been dropping pictures forever

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Yeah I can’t wait. I hope it’s free as well.

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I hope it is $10

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