A320 slides off runway at Mehrabad

An Airbus A320, operated by an Iranian operator has slid off RWY 29L of Tehran Mehrabad International Airport. While no one has been hurt, it’s unknown if the plane can be fixed.

Any sources?

Telegram, IRNA and …

Yeah, but… you have to add a credible source. Guess I have to go find it. But be warned, I always watch the news… always…

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That’s as credible as you can get in the I.R.I

Nope. Didn’t see any sources.
Went online and looked.

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A Google search of ‘A320 slides off runway’ shows this very post as the top result. I also searched the website you mentioned ‘IRNA’ and saw no headlining post after searching 3 pages. If you can’t provide a source with a link to the article then this isn’t reliable.


I searched the same way’ “A320 slides off runway”! Twins :3

Sorry dude. You need a reliable source for this to be credible.


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Ah you found it! Now it’s credible :)


Not in English but there’s a picture

Do you know what scares me most? That my SYZ->THR flight is an A320! When I heard it I said OMG THIS CANNOT HAVE HAPPENED! By co-incident, before I heard the news about this, I was watching the Air France 296 episode of M.A.C.I (Mayday Air Crash Investigation)

Please link it to an English source not french

Omg! Everyone be watching Air Crash Investigation (or mayday) before a flight 😂

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And now BBC said it. Now how credible is that

It’s for the picture

Oh. Ok then

You want me to crash!? If so you are Pure Evil.

Woah there. Never said I wanted you to crash.