A320 sharklets/wingtip fences?

Why were there changes to the wingtip fences and sharkes on some of the A320s?

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I noticed that, you’re talking about the variations between liveries right @OrangeFr3ak?

Yes. Those with wingtip fences now have sharklets and vice-versa.

Yeah, most
Liveries have the sharklets but some like JetStar don’t and have the old wingtips. I suppose all in all I don’t mind but it is food for thought.

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At first, some of the A320’s had problems with sharklets and wingtip fences. One example, is the TAP A320. It had sharklets in-game, but none of them in real have them, so they were changed to fences in-game. They also fixed a couple of engine issues as well.

For aesthetics the Jetstar A320 looks better with sharklets whereas Easyjet’s is better without them unless it’s the new Easyjet livery. Even the registration in the Easyjet 320 is wrong, G-EZWM is actually an A318. Maybe they should have both wingtip fences and sharklets for some of the liveries that use both in reality?

By the way G-EZWM is an A320 with sharklets - the developers have got this correct.

Alternatively, they can include versions of the A320s of airlines/liveries that have both wingtip fences and sharklets aircraft.