A320 shaking

When I was flying the A320 it started shaking out of nowhere

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Uh can you provide details. Share a replay?
It could be something called turbulence.

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No it’s not turbulence I am flying on solo at night and the yoke just started shaking out of nowhere I have calm weather

The only A320 issue I am having is when cruising at a low altitude, where the throttle is quite rapid to catch up (along with the altitude).

But in the other hand, there should not be any issues (through my experience).

It’s ok now it it literally just stoped shaking I’m flying at moment and yes I have the same issue with the auto throttle

Auto throttle issue is known and will be patched, the yoke could be an issue with your device gyro. If it happens again restart the app and see if it’s fixed.

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