A320 series Auto Strobe (On/Auto/Off switch)

I noticed (IRL) when taking off / landing in an a320 series aircraft, the strobe lights do not turn on unless airborn. The second the gear leaves the ground they turn on, so during the takeoff roll they aren’t on until rotation. Same thing but in reverse for landing. On the entire flight, on final, but once the gear hits the ground, they turn on. So I put some research into this and noticed other people were wondering the same thing. Other people gave answers, I confirmed that this was a thing when someone said there is an On/Auto/Off switch.

On: strobes on
Auto: strobes auto switch on when shock absorber is not compressed and vice versa
Off: all lights off

Here’s a short video of the landing / takeoff video showing what a mean. A320 Autostrobe - YouTube

This would be a useful feature

I agree with you that this feature would add realism, but the basic use of strobes in Infinite Flight, and on tutorials is :

  • On runway => ON
  • Airborne => ON
  • On the ground => OFF
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What you have described is partly true. Firstly, there is indeed an AUTO (middle) position for the strobes in the A320; and yes, if they are in this position during takeoff, the strobes will automatically turn on once both of the main gears are no longer indicating weight on them (until the point of touchdown, when weight is once again applied onto the gears).

However, you are not supposed to take off with strobes in the AUTO position. In fact, you put the strobes in AUTO during your preliminary cockpit preparation flow as a backup in case you forget to turn them ON when entering a runway (for takeoff, in this case).

In the video you attached, the pilots forgot to turn ON the strobes prior to takeoff and left them in AUTO. As such, the AUTO position turned them on regardless after the main wheels were no longer compressed. But as I mentioned before, you are still supposed to turn them ON prior to takeoff (or runway crossing), the AUTO position is merely a backup.

In the overwhelming majority of cases (>99.9%), the strobes will be selected ON by the pilots when entering the runway for departure.

General info about strobe lights switch:



I think this is a frontier thing, because every expirence I’ve had they did this. However I think adding this would still be a great feature and would really add realism. They’ve done this before I got more videos.