A320 Right Joystick

As you can see, the right joystick in the A320 cockpit is crooked.
Device: iPhone 5
Operating System: Latest iOS system
IF Version: A320 update

This is not a Boeing aircraft obviously :)

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This is realism. The two sticks are not connected. In the real airbus cockpits, moving the joystick on the left does not move the joystick on the right. The only way that joystick would move is if there was a pilot operating it.

@Sagar_Vinod you too. Look, it is crooked, and clips through the, for a lack of a better word within my knowledge, the articulation.

Looks pretty straight to me! And as Sagar said wouldn’t expect it to move in the same way a co-pilot yoke moves on a Boeing.

I see what you mean. Were you turning left st the time😄?

No, i was on the ground and had calibtated the sim so my floor would be straight and level

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Isn’t it meant to be this?

Or in the neutral position, but yes.

“Max Sends” & sez’s; You guys are right the controller look funny but not as funny as the Pepsi can in the sterile cockpit. Must be @Aernout bus…
(Where the outrage… A Pepsi advertisement. I’m calling Coke! LOL…)

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More of a Mountain Dew man myself…

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