*A320 Request Thread* Add all pictures here

To avoid being flagged “because nobody tolerates images in the topic” (which I do not understand), I decided to create this topic where you can swing all your liveries idea WITH pictures

you can add pictures but please dont abuse. i will flag all off-topic pictures.

Please, if able, send small pictures (open it with Paint then reduce size)

No pictures in feature requests! I have told you this before and then you just go and open a topic just for pictures!!! Mods please close thread… @MishaCamp @Swang007 @carmalonso @DIsraelFDS


ok but you do not have to tag everyone! there just needs a person and it is @swang007, others have better things to do.

No pictures in ANY feature thread.

Sean is not the only mod…

some minutes later i have speak about LINKS TO PICTURES not PICTURES please read before say all the same little phrase --’

on the feature topic , i said : Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread - #1085 by grxninesix

and NOW i can tell @swang007 to close my topic, before it become a war place.

If it is an important situation he can do it. Don’t use that excuse. And he can tag more that Mr. Moderator (1). He can tag the others, and dev’s if he wishes. Only if it is important, as this is.

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Why thank you DJ! :)

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A topic for this has already been created

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