A320 realistic landing question

Lately I’ve been practicing my landings in the a320, trying to make them as realistic as possible. I’ve been landing at a speed of about 135-140 kts with a trim setting of about 60%. However when I land, I find myself flaring a little above 5 degrees… is this realistic? Also, I land below or at MLW.

@Lare can help you with the A320 flare. I think he said 5° was the key to make a smooth landing.

I land with a -200ft/m descent, is that good?


Yes that’s very good


Also, the approach speed will depend on your speed when in full landing configuration, [Links] Aircraft stall and maneuvering speed charts check this link, you will have to multiply each stall speed by 1.3 to get the maneuvering speeds. The last of them should br your approach speed.
For example, the A318 at normal weight setting will approach the airport at 129kts.


And I still feel I land hard, while the 737 lands smoothly at -200ft/m.

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I touch the runway with a vertical speed of -200, is that good?

For a soft landing I land at under -100ft/m…


Well, at the moment of touchdown you shouldn’t exceed 5°.
But one thing many people forget or don’t even know is that Airbus aircraft have a 2-3° pitch attitude on approach!

@Sturmovik -200 ft/min touchdown is ok.


Your speed depends on your weight. Your approach speed show be enough to keep your pitch between 2 and 2.5 degrees.
If you’re using it, disconnect your auto throttle between 100-200 AGL. Reduce throttle about 10% approaching the threshold.
Reduce throttle to idle at about 20 - 30 feet AGL. Due to ground effect and drag, your plane will flare on its own to about 4-5 degrees. No need to tilt your device.
Tip : At normal weight set your trim to 17%. This sets your elevators to a new default position, so when you disengage the Auto VS the plane will continue following the glideslope without the nose bump.

Best way to test it is try it in solo first. Lay your device flat on a table and use the auto land (APPR) to bring you to 100 AGL. Set weight 50%, trim 17%. Adjust speed until your pitched to 2 degrees. CALIBRATE.
At 100 AGL disconnect auto VS. If you get a nose dip, start again and adjust trim until it stays level when disconnecting the auto VS.
Now reduce your auto throttle 1%, then immediately disengage the auto throttle.
As you cross the threshold, listen to the altitude call pits, when you hear 30 feet, reduce throttle to idle and watch your plane flare and land without moving your device.

No that know your required weight, speed and trim you’re set to fly solo, Live with or without auto land.

Hope that helps :)


Your entirely missed the point of my post.

How to determine approach and landing speed for the weight of your aircraft for a nice flare and touchdown

Btw, in IF the plane will flare itself perfectly without having to tilt back your device, that’s just a fact of the game.

I determine the approach speed by my attitude indicator as explained in my post.