A320 problems with cruising

When ever I cruise at Mach.85 my glide slope is always pointed down (FPL or what ever that green thing that moves with your speed and glide on your hud) and trim is not helping any tips??

Well, the A320 cruises at a max of .82 in real life so that might be your problem try a slower speed and see if it works 😊


Alright il try see ya in the skys captain! 😀


A typical cruise speed for the A320 would be M .78

What Daniel mentioned was the absolute maximum cruise speed the A320 can fly and i wouldn’t say it is ideally used on a daily flight, M .78 should work better, that’s what i fly the A320 and has done since the very beginning or try even slower at .76 but don’t go below that :)


It didn’t work I’m confused Screenshot_20180810-195717

I don’t see anything wrong with you HUD screen, it seems normal to me?

What is it exactly that you feel like seems to be off?


It seems like the a320 is flaring a little becouse of the glide slope I am using HUD 1 I think it’s called you camt center it as it is already centered

But when I fly a crj its flys fine it doesn’t flare for the glide slope 🤔

Oh the minor pitch up, that’s normal, usually if you’re plane too heavy and you fly too high up right away at the beginning of the flight without step climbing that that could be a issues as you’d stall but that mostly applies to heavies and not a A320.

Your pitch up is normal, all planes pitch up a few degrees more or less, right now i’m flying the B747 and it’s pitching up more than yours but yet no issue as i’m step climbing, but in your case all seems fine, it’s not supposed to be perfectly aligned.

Also i believe wind has an effect on pitch as well, depends on how strong the headwind in that case is.


Oh thanks I never thought about that ,fly safe!

What you are seeing is normal. Each plane flies slightly differently and has a different cruising profile.


Ok I’m testing in solo by depleting fuel and putting weight it works thanks for your help guys Fly safe!

Thank You, you too :)

Every aircraft pitches up and the heavier you are the more cautious you have to be. When flying bigger jets stepclimb it vital.

When flying the A320 family planes, CRJ, B737, those non heavy ones then climbing to FL350 in your case shouldn’t be a issue, also sometime turbulence can make the plane bounce up and down making it pitch a little higher or lower than usual, but it depends on the severity of the turbulence.

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i presume he was asking about glide slope. at cruise glide slope will always be down. glide spope is an instrument that gives you vertical path on to a runway.

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Yeah like @niks.goen said I think is talking about glide slope
It will be down cause ur at cruise level.It will rise when you are close and at a certain altitude from the airport.

here I’ve explained Various parts of an hud.

  1. its your aircraft pitch and roll attitude indicator. it indicates where your aircraft nose is pointing and whether if your poinying up it will go up and vice versa and if you roll it will also roll wrt wirtual horizon (the two lines on either side)
  2. is your flight path vector. yhe small circle indicates where ypur aircraft is heading.
  3. is heading indicator on top the number. and localizer instrment that indicates your horizontal position wrt to the selected runway.
  4. is altitude meter. to the left of it you’ll sometimes see glide slope that indicates your vertical position with respect to the final approach of the selected runway. just bellow it is some no. that indicates ypur vertical speed in feet/min. positive mean going up. negative mean going down.
  5. is also turn indicator. it represents ypur bank angle. each dot represent 10° deflection on either side.
  6. outside air temperature. ypur mach speeed varies according to it the lower the temperature the lower the speed of sound.
  7. ground speed, your mach no. wind direction and speed.

hope this helps. :)
Thanks nikhil

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