A320 pilot IRL here?

This is for when the aircraft has landed, taxing to gate, and while it is parked.

Oh ok. Didn’t know about this.

I’m aware. I just wondered what the story was thank you.

Oh yes! On Instagram! I wanted to go plane spotting with you 😂

Maybe that can be arranged one day 😀

Yo… can I join? 😂 Spotting with a pilot would be amazing!

Yes @Faisiecot, sure, it will be done at KLIA tho, so it’s only if you live in Malaysia. We haven’t planned it yet, let’s take this to PM.

Ahhh maybe when you guys visit Hong Kong, lemme know. 😅

Yes, sure. I visit HK 4 times a year, so I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m free. The skydeck in HKIA is closed though 😭

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