A320 pilot IRL here?

Just curious… Is anyone on the community a real life A320 pilot? Maybe some burning questions about the A320 family aircraft could then be answered from a pilot POV. 😄

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There is already a topic similar to this. Please check out the topic below as it might answer your questions.

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Yea… but… I don’t think anyone there mentioned anything related to A320. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Well you could ask that in the topic linked.


The OP on the thread I provided even said to feel free to leave any of your own questions.

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Hi. 3 years and running A320 pilot here.


Ooooo… I have a couple questions for now. What does the outside air temperature have to be for flaps to be left at position 1? What happens if you don’t leave it at 1 and instead retract it? Why not leave the flaps at position 2, 3, or full?

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Under 30C OAT. If you leave it at retracted position above 30C OAT, you get a false positive in the ECAM with an anti-ice leak.

Why not config 2/3/Full? Because config 1 is already enough and any further is unnecessary drag.


Flaps position is such a petty thing to point out in IF. I did saw his post regarding speed, I doubt this one in particular is about IFAE, if it is, then damn.

He called out a IFAE pilot for going too fast in a A320 so it’s seems to be linked

The only one I know is @ElCapitan, try contacting him but I think you will find more pilots in more airbus focused forums.


Not related to that post, but you choose what you wanna believe. 🙂

New questions. 😅 At what speed does A320’s tiller stop working and you are left with rudder to steer? What is MCT and when is it used? Do A320 pilots normally use auto brakes low, med or manual brakes? How do you decide what type of braking to use?

Awesome! Do you fly for Air Asia?

This is a interesting topic

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I’m pretty sure we’ve talked before outside of here. Just see my username, haha.

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So did someone point out to another user that they were flying incorrectly or something? Sorry, I’m kinda lost…

That is a different topic that got briefly mentioned here and is in no way related to this topic.

Are the flaps left out during cruise at position 1? Or is it during another stage of flight?

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Ahhh… thank you. I experienced some really quick braking when landing at Boracay and almost 0 braking while landing at Kolkata. 😂

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