A320 Physics


Is there a known physics problem with the A320 family? This problem started today. Every time I take off in an A319/20/21 it pulls me up and the speed decreases. This is the first time I have had this problem. My aircraft wasn‘t heavy

I fly the A320family often and this isn’t an issue I have. I depart with 0% trim though.


Yeah I fly with it often as well. Never have had this problem. I take iff with 0% trim and flaps on 2


That’s what I do too. With a really light load you may need to apply 0 to -5%.

What is your rotation speed?


That’s too high in my experience and might be the issue.

I start the rotation at about 145kts with a low load, and 150-155kts with a normal load.


I have no issues on the A318. It’s what I use for IFATC Training.

I use the a320 series nearly every day and don’t experience this issue. But it’s the aircraft I fly the most and I know it very well. I still use my usual takeoff settings with flaps 1 and trim set to 30. I just need to be careful sometimes and I rotate very slowly

In real life, they usually use flaps 1. Unless they are taking off with a heavy load or using a shorter runway. When you’re light, Flaps 2 can cause too much pitch that can reduce the airspeed. Maybe next time use flaps 1. Also, where were you taking off from?

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I don’t think there is really Physics problem, I usually use flaps 1 on almost all runways unless its short then I use 2 or 3. Moreover, I think you shouldn’t use full throttle at takeoff, maybe 80-85% throttle the A320 will rotate smoothly even without trim :D

Are you pulling up smoothly and not yanking the aircraft off the runway?

What % are you setting the engines too. That could be an issue.

Yes. I pull it up smoothly

85-90% thrust

Where did you take off from?

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from LPPT :)

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The runway is definitely long enough there and you were light. You used flaps 2 when you should’ve used flaps 1. You would only use flaps 2 if you were very heavy or taking off from a short runway. That is why you lost airspeed. The pitch of the nose was too high. Next time use flaps 1 unless necessary.

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Hopefully this was the problem :)

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The only issue there is, and correct me please if I’m wrong, is the spoilers deployment provoking a violent nose down motion.


You don’t use spoilers on takeoff… only for landing or when you want to loose speed on decent.