A320 or B737: Which do you prefer to hand fly?

The A320 & B737 are both great airplanes. Which do you prefer to hand fly in IF and/or real life and why?

This is not an Airbus vs Boeing debate or an A320 vs B737 debate. Please submit those comments to the appropriate post. We are strictly talking about the hand flying characteristics of each aircraft.



I personally prefer the A230 because I have flown it for such a long time, it was the first aircraft for me to master in IF.


Thanks. Beyond being accustomed to it, is there a reason why you enjoy hand flying the A320 more than the B737?

Ive only flown these aircraft in IF and PC sims but I personally enjoy hand flying the B737 more. Reason is I feel more involved in what the aircraft is doing: I have to manually apply elevator trim, and really work the controls to make the aircraft respond the way I want it to. I also like it’s crosswind handling capabilities. I love the challenge and experience of hand flying the 737.

The A320 is a great plane too and more relaxing to hand fly in my opinion. This is because IF simulates the FBW system really well. These systems make it a much easier plane to fly and a much easier plane to land smoothly. Even the auto flare is simulated in IF which is cool.


Out of the two, I use the A320 the most. Don’t know why. I just like airbus a bit more.


In IF I noticed that the a320 family nose wheels slams when landing. There is a trick to stop this from happening.
basically, do not arms your spoilers on final, when touched down do not arms or activate reverse thrust, once your nose wheel touches down the arm your spoilers and reverse thrust.


I prefer the 737 I just feel more comfortable flying it than the a320


Have you tried landing at a higher airspeed? The extra energy will allow you to lower the nose wheel in a more controlled fashion.

He shouldn’t have to purposely land at an unrealistic air speed just for the nose.

The trick is to land without your brake on. And with 40 or 50% trim. Wheen your back wheels touch down, don’t let the nose drop. Fight the airplane by pulling up on the yoke to control the rate the planes front wheel touches down at.

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I’m not saying a crazy unrealistic speed, just 5-10 kts faster than the landing speed for his weight & flap settings.

In real life, does the Airbus auto brake system which deploys spoilers, etc kick in once all landing gear wheels make contact with the ground?

yes place the nose landing gear down in a controlled fashion. Don’t just think that you are fine once the back gear is down.

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I like to fly the A320. I always do it and I fly it in FSX as well. I mastered the a320 a while ago as it is very easy to handle for me.

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What in the plane is a A230? Not even in this topic…

I’d fly a A320 its a cool nice looking plane!

Just a minor typo. No harm done :)


We’ll see… because a A230 and a A320 would mean a BIG difference!


Airbus A320, much easier to operate. Also, it handles much more easily than the aging 737’s.

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When I fly the A320 family it’s because I want to use APPR and let it run on it’s own. I do enjoy flying the 737 though as I think it’s an easier aircraft to land by hand compared to the 320 series.

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737 seeing that I fly it the most out of any aircraft, out of my 100 hours I probably have 70 hours in the 37. Thats why I am used to it. It is so easy to fly by hand that I fly it from takeoff to 10,000ft, then disengage at 3000ft.

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A320 for me because the aircraft sits higher above the ground than the 737. I seem to get smoother landings in the a320 rather then the 737.

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A320. It has much better physics and is much easier to hand fly.

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