A320 or 777-200F

I was going to buy some aircraft just wanted to be sure :)[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • A320
  • 777-200F

Definitely the A320. It has better cockpit quality and physics, among other things.


Agreed. The A320 is cool.

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i have them both and I can say a320 is better if you dont have it but 777-200f is also good

Already have the A321, it is basically the same as the A320.


they are both great aircraft, I really enjoy flying both of them

If you want something different than free planes get the 777.

If you already have a 777 get the A320

I voted for the 777-200f, only because I have more of a difficult time flying the a320. (Btw I own both a320 and 777-200f, I know what it is like flying in both). But if you are really torn, just fly the a321 and the current 777 you have and compare the 2. That should hopefully give you your answer 🙂.

They are both great in my mind.

A320 is the clear choice, just is a lot better quality aircraft then the 777F

If you have any other 777, then don’t get the 777F

Don’t get the A320 as A321 is already free, and they are similar. Personally would get 77L as it’s is the newest of the 777’s

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