A320 older sharper textures vs more new blurry ones

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I didn’t want to put this in the support-category as this is not a bug I’m experiencing, just an observation.

  • Both Screenshots are taken with the same graphic settings. (newest Android version)

As the title states; some specific liveries that were added a year ago (for example Lauda Europe-A320, SAS-A320, Condor-A321) have sharper textures than the newer liveries added to the game.

Here I compared Lauda Europe livery (A320) with the Air Serbia livery (A320).


The difference in texture quality is quite remarkable but noticeable.
The fuselage with its windows, livery resolution and very subtle wearing is better on the Lauda Europe livery compared to the Air Serbia livery.
You can also see that the flaps have a sharper texture and overal the Lauda livery is more pleasant and less ‘cartoony’ to look at. This may seem not much at first glance but you definitely can spot a difference even at greater distances.

The brand-new Air Serbia livery is so blurry that it takes away the immersion. Which I had before on the Lauda livery.
What is important to note is that not all older liveries have such good quality as I summed up before. The oldest liveries have the same quality as the newest liveries except the ones I noted above.

Additional pictures

Why I created this topic and what I hope to get out from it:

I created this topic to show you that these differences do make an impact on quality of the game in my opinion, perhaps this had been noted already internally but if not, I hope this topic would be helpful for the devs/artists to know.



Not only has this been noted internally, it was a conscious choice.

To quote one of the devs:

“It will be a bit blurrier than before, that’s an important performance optimization that we prefer to turn on. It saves a ton on graphics memory and memory transfers.”

The quality may vary between aircraft models but also between liveries of the same model, that were released at different times.

Especially with the most recent aircraft, which have a lot more detail than earlier ones, this has become even more important to keep things running smoothly. ;)


It’s known and on purpose. ;)