A320 Off Topic Chat

Use this topic for all general talk about the A320. Also use this topic to post pictures that aren’t allowed in the livery request topic. Please keep the original A320 request topic to requests and livery tracking only.
If you have a livery request please post it here. Make sure to exclude pictures please when submitting a livery request on the original topic.

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This thread isn’t in the features category. Pictures can be used. Just an FYI

If possible, pls. link to the top reply of the tracking thread. That’s all I intended the thread to be for when I created it.

Thanks man.

Yes I must of worded it bad but pictures can be used for this topic. In the other one that is labeled under features though, pictures are not necessary. :)

sure i will edit my mistakes! :)

I feel like this is against what we were originally hoping for. Weather you post here or in another topic, it takes up the same amount of server storage and bandwidth. @philippe?

You can’t post pictures in the original chat and I believe it was just for livery requests and not general talk. The old chat was getting to populated also. This one would be for general talk but if you guys want it all in one topic then close this one.

I don’t like topic’s that are made for “chats”. This forum is for discussion, not PM’s. If you want to chat with people, use PM’s.

Well chatting and discussing are pretty similar. If you guys don’t like this topic then close it.

They are pretty much the same, but this forum is not for direct messages, but rather general discussion.

Yes this was meant for general discussion but is just an argument now. Someone close this topic.