A320 nose bobbing up and down after activating appr mode

Hi everyone!! I have some issues with the A320 appr mode when i engaged it . I have already ensure that my weight is below MLW and i have engaged appr mode when i am on the glideslope so i am not too high or too low but even if i engage it on the glideslope the aircraft pitch its nose up drastically and then going back down, its like the plane is overcorrecting the small correction required rather than correcting it slowly . Am i doing smtg wrong or is it a A320 known issue? i tried this with the A350 its all working well so i am pretty sure i am not doing anything wrong with the A320 , but if i am doing smtg wrong pls correct me .


What trim do you use?

A lot of aircraft have been known to do this when APPR mode is activated. APPR mode is a perfectionist so even if you were lined up on the glideslope, it may move the aircraft. You can also check out this topic to make sure you’re doing everything correctly:


I’m not sure if this is of much use, but these are taken from other threads where people are having a similar issue. It seems to be related to speed at altitude in some cases, but either way I’d recommend you have a look.

Yup everything is done accordingly but dont know why the nose just loves to rock up and down . Seems like the A350 is the only one that handles appr mode well…

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i keep my trim at +20 so when i disengage the autopilot the nose wont dive but i guess trim shouldnt be the issue ?

As for the cruise i dont have that problem but the A320 does have issues with the appr mode. When i engage appr i am at 180 and below so definetely not flying too fast and by the time i engage appr i am established on the glideslope already so its weird the plane still bob up and down …

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