A320 new screens

For me the infinite flight A320 cockpit feels a little bit to old cause it doesn’t have the new screens. It would look so much better if the devs could ad the new screens.

Again it doesn’t have to added right now. It’s not that of needed but it would be cool to see the new screens as well.

If you want this feature than please leave a vote.

A320 has been updated recently. The cockpit should be advanced compared to other aircrafts but cool request


It would be great to see LCD screens in the 320, it’s a little weird flying new build A32Xs with sharklets, but the old CRT displays


I’d say take for granted for what you have 😁.

The developers are building the systems as they go. The A320 was in simple, a basic build to support all other Airbus (and help with Boeing) aircraft for future reworks. As they make other aircraft, they make more work on the systems…


It’s a legacy feature from the initial release, when the devs were, how do I put this…had less of an eye for little details, compared to now.
It really has nothing to do with the screens themselves (in IF), it’s really just the different screen frames.


For example split screen.

Believe it or not but they received a small update in 19.4 adding a few extra things on the screens and panels.



As the developers said they are consistently improving them and there features.


I agree, you have my vote!

I’m probably dumb, old and blind. But what are the differences between old and new screens?

More information on the autopilot display and on the engine display

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Ok, thanks.
I Suggest you add more details to the request.

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Not sure it’s needed to make a feature request as they already are upgrading screens

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Agree they need to be updated. The one we have now is 17 years and older. It doesn’t go well with the sharklets