A320 New livery (Avianca 100 Anniversary)

Avianca presented a commemorative plane for the celebration of its 100 years, it is the A320 with registration N284AV, with retro paint that the airline adapted to evoke the time of the 50s, the stage in which the image of the airline looked blue in aircraft such as the Douglas DC-3 and DC-4, Curtiss C46, and the Lockheed L-749A Constellation and Lockheed L1049E / G Super Constellation.

It would be interesting to see this livery in the simulator accompanied by that of the 757 that has already been published by more members in the community. It is an airline of great importance in Latin America and as its tribute says, it has already been 100 years of operation. As a member of the community and as a Colombian, I would be happy to see this livery in this great simulator, so if you can help me by voting, it would be of great help. Thank you

Feel free to vote on the existing feature request here: