A320 More Liveries ?


Comment below what liveries you would like to see added for the A320 or any other planes.


Air Canada, Rogue, Swiss and Germanwings.


Are you serious they just released it half the users don’t even have it yet and your already asking for more?


British Airways, Alitalia, Tigerair, Airberlin.


Not asking for more just seeing what people would want compared to what is being released, just Curiosity @Brandon_Sandstrom


I don’t have the update yet either. He’s just saying for future updates like they did for other planes. From what I read on other topics theres a bunch of requests for future liveries.


British Airways would be nice


My Filipino side would love to see Phiippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.


Swiss & British Airways


Duplicate topic, please refer to the following link and make your requests there!




I agree with @Jack_Jordan we should probably post any more liveries we want in the original category.


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Brussels airlines


Alitalia, Swiss, tiger airways, British airways. But definitely the first two :)


Swiss (A319, A320, A321), Edelweiss Air (A320) and Helvetic (A319) is all I want.


well I’m sorry if you think so, but as much as I like the A320 and the new update in my opinion there are some really must have liveries missing


I see LX coming with the A321. HB-ION it shall be pls!

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A duplicate topic is a duplicate topic no matter the subject. There is already a thread for livery requests. I will have a word with the other moderators to check something so this thread may be reopened. Thanks