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Hey everyone, so, on the a320s map in the live cockpit, there isn’t any runway, or localizer. I just wanted to know is it like this in real life as well? Because I think it should show the runway as well as other aircrafts


The live instruments we currently have on the A320 are the “first version” of live cockpits. The developers mentioned that they do plan on improving them by adding more functionalities (including more functionalites on the Multi-Function Display, the “map” you’re talking about).

It should be in #general as it’s general discussion about Infinite Flight, not specific to live.


Real life screens have more features on their screen. The A320 for example can show runways, airports, traffic and more. (See the attached picture for example:

Source of the picture: https://twitter.com/peoplesandy/status/1112055453792591879?s=21


Yea I just thought like they could easily do that because it’s basically a mini map

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The A320 map could show rain

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It’s not logical for the map to show rain as there is none in IF


I was wondering the same thing, there should be Airports and ILS localizers… also other planes of course


Well when rain comes it should show

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It is the first time they added a live cockpit with these instruments, so I’m pretty sure it won’t start like the best

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And maybe you can use the mini map and put it in the position of the map in the cockpit

Building blocks, guys. One step at a time.

You want live instruments now that aren’t in their ultimate state? Or do you want to wait indefinitely until every last one of the 100s or so feature requests can be implemented at one time?

Also consider that the more there is included in a single update, the more there is to test, and the longer the delay between updates. And, of course we know how well IFC loves long periods between updates.

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This is just the “beta” version of live cockpits, the first step to a full live cockpit. A full live cockpit is something that is years down the road. The amount of work and time it would take to implement a full live cockpit would mean we wouldn’t get new liveries, clouds, taxiway lights, etc.

Be grateful for what the devs have given us, and don’t complain about what they haven’t.

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