A320 losing control

Has anyone ever had an issue when they set APPR mode on an A320. I did that just a minute ago and the plane went into an absolute frenzy doing barrel rolls and plummeting towards the ground, does anyone know the cause of this problem it’s very annoying after spending the last 2 hours flying :(

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I almost always fly the 320 and have never had that happen. Was a runway selected before doing APPR? What was your speed? How far out were you when you enabled appr? Was your VS set?


I had selected my runway and set it to nav 1 on final, vertical speed was set before so I switched from NAV to APPR and the plane just went mad ! Maybe it was a one off error I’m not sure

And I was doing 140 knots airspeed

It often happens to me where the aircraft will pitch up and down aggressively to try and stay on the glide slope and it overcorrects itself. Only happens to me on the A320 variants. It will get worse and worse until you take manual control. Happens to me about once a month…

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Yeah that’s happened to me a few times before aswell

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What altitiude do you engage the APP AP?

From my use with the auto land feature (which is in total 6 times) I found that if i activate the AP well I’m below the glideslope it tends to run a muck.

Id suggest makingout sure you are activating it while above the glideslope.

Hope this helps.

I’ve had this problem when I engage APPR too late when capturing from an angle. The autopilot tries to recorrect in, but it ends up over-correctong & sways back & fourth as it tries to correct itself, this has happened to me a couple of times, from the A320 to the B777. Most of the time I execute it correctly, but sometimes I have to disengage the AP & land manually.

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