A320 live control panel questions

Hey could someone real quick explain the two new buttons on the A32 fam controls please? Thanks

Hey! MFD Range is the zoom on the navigation display and MFD Map is the position of it. This tutorial should help you:


@bcc.123 I was wondering why you were just sitting there at SGAS.
You were getting the screenshots!


It changes the display and scale :

Here’s a real A380 picture from a pilot friend:


On your last irl pic, looking at how the pilot is seated now I know that the cockpit is that high up! Ok sorry, back on topic…

Just to add for @bcc.123 that there’s another button there, the GPS/NAV1. They function just like the same buttons on the XCub but alas, I don’t think they work on the current 19.3 A3xx’s MFD.

Oh yeah I sat there for a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out what those buttons were😂 sry if I was in the way!

Ahh. Thanks

Aww sweet thank you so much

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Is anyone familiar enough with the RWA MFD to know if that does indeed change, or is it the same as IF? Do they just use the PFD?

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I have asked a A380 pilot on Twitter and he wrote that the NAV mode is a FD and AP mode provided by different source such as GPS or IRS. A change of the source would influence the precision rather than the displays. (I translated the tweet from German, therefore not as a quote).

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Thank you so much for asking. I really appreciate it!

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No problem, glad that I could help!

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