A320 Live Cockpit Questions

Hello guys! I have a question on some functions for the Live cockpit.
1: What are the MFD range and MFD map?
2: What is the Source NAV1 and GPS?

I have always used the original HUD and I’m trying to learn how to use the Live cockpit for upcoming aircraft and reworks. Help would be appreciated!

(also, are there any plans for IF releasing YouTube tutorials for the live cockpit?)

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Click here it’s the tutorial on the new cockpit


Thank you so much! I have searched and searched but didn’t find anything.

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Just in case the thread didn’t give enough information, MFD range is the range that you get on your navigation display. It essentially helps you visualize your flight plan. For longer flights, set it to a farther distance and upon approach/landing set it to a shorter distance. This will allow you to read the checkpoints easier.

NAV1 helps with intercepting a localizer while GPS helps you stay on your flight plan mid-flight. Hope this helps.


If you are on NAV1 during cruising what will happen and if you are on gps while intercepting what will happen?

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Nothing will affect the aircraft. It will just affect the display.

I know when I look nothing happens?

I believe you have to be on approach and intercepted with an ILS localizer/glideslope. Not sure, though.

I still don’t understand the difference between NAV1 and GPS. In what way does it help? And also, In what display will change happen?

This should help:

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But in 320 is different

No, it’s not. They work the same way.

As far as anyone has been able to tell, at least I believe, the NAV1 and GPS buttons don’t actually change anything in the A320 at the moment.

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I keep reading the instrument tutorial given over and over. However, I agree it would be good to explain in detail the big difference between NAV and ARC as well as the best time to use them. Perhaps a video with them in use.

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I did a stream on the new view angles and how to start adjusting to them. The thread on the instruments tells you how they work.
This tutorial below shows how to change your visual cues without the HUD (as you can see-the struggle is real so far lol-5 years plus of doing it one way and from the same perspective-I didnt think it’d be this big of a deal but it kind of is 🤣)

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Then how come nothing changes on the 320 unlike the xcub

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