A320 Live cockpit Question

I have a quick question. How long did it take to give the A320s a live cockpit??


I’m no developer but it takes a long time for every aircraft. (Although not exactly a live cockpit feature) every switch has to be made, all the text on the overhead panels, the cockpit displays need to be programmed, the animated objects need to be programmed and a bunch more.


But i was wondering because the A320 before it had a live cockpit was fully functional just no live screens so I was wondering if they could simply give the 787 MD-11 and DC-10 a live cockpit because those all are at the same stage the a320 was before it was live so I think it would be really easy if infinite flight went out of there way for a few weeks to give the 787 a live cockpit because that would be great for long haul especially because of the fact that the 777 will be here reworked in the next month or two


Because they are already working on the live cockpit for the 777, I would expect them to implement it for the 787 in the near future, as they are very similar. Kinda like what they did with the A320 when they were working on the A350.

I’m pretty sure the MD-11/DC-11 cockpit has quite a few major differences to the newer Boeing planes, so I wouldn’t expect that to be implemented anytime soon.

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I know that the A320 live cockpit was in early Beta in January 2019. Live cockpit came out in August.

Keep in mind this was the first ever version of live cockpit. It also depends on how many screens there are and how many dials there are. With ever new version of live cockpit, the better it gets.

Implementing live instruments adds another step to the aircraft development process as (for the most part) they need to be programmed almost from scratch.

We will make sure the 787 has a live cockpit in a future update, but unfortunately, it isn’t an overnight thing to add :)


I read from somewhere on IFC that only some static instrument aircraft can have working instruments added because they wouldn’t require a complete rework, does the MD11 happen to be one of those aircraft?

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I hope so, this bird still looks brand new

An entire rebuild isn’t necessary for most newer aircraft, but they still need some work done on the model.

It’s something we’re working towards though!


MD11 and CRJ model seem pretty accurate to me but I’ll take whatever the devs create.

The MD11 with a live cockpit would be awesome… those long haul cargo flights at night


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