A320 lights

have infinite flight changed the lights on the a320?

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Not that I know of. The lights have remained the same since the release of the aircraft. Do you have an image you can show?

In what way exactly? I haven’t really seen much change.

oksy it’s just because i thought the strobe lights flashed twice now they only flash once ?

The strobe flights will flash every 5 ish seconds or something. If it’s a bug, reset infinite flight or reload it.

yeah i think it’s a bug but i’m mid flight lol

They blink x2 on a cycle if I’m not mistaken.

May just be frame rate being choppy. AFAIK, I’ve always seen a double flash.

would it have anything to do with low power mode or anti alising?

Doubt it. Irl airbus’s are like that aswell.

The lights on the A320 in Infinite Flight are the same in real life

it’s weird because they go from being fast then slow and flash twice and then don’t 😂

Hmmm that’s odd. Never had that happen.

yeah very strange lol thank you anyways 👍

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Check this vid out about the strobes.

Happy to help :)

Please read this from page to page and it will help you and will help benefit your experience in Infinite Flight

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Question answered.