A320 Landings

Hey guys I am practicing landing and when I flare I seem to still come down pretty hard. Anyone have any tips for to come down nice and soft?

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Well, make sure you pull the power back to idle around 100 feet, and gently pull back to flare. Just make sure you keep enough airspeed that you don’t begin to stall onto the runway. Once you practice enough times you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

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I think I’m starting to get it

I know there are landing tutorials on Infinite Flight’s YouTube page for the CRJ200/700/900, X-Cub, I’m not sure about the A320 though. In my opinion it’s one of the easier planes to land, so you should get it! 👍🏼
If you want some pointers I would be more than happy to spawn at an airport with you and watch you land a couple times?

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Ok I’ll let you know if I need help :)

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ummm… most commercial jets pull the throttle to idle at 20’

As a rule of thumb for most aircraft I try to cut my throttle as soon as I cross the threshold and aim to be at 50 feet at the threshold

I got it down. I can get to below -150 V/S!

i too think its about the angle about of touching down and the speed which should be around 125 - 145 max in this case
cut the throttle to zero in case you are too fast

Um, are you sure?


Haha no! I started to type a new thought and ended up mixing them…It shouldn’t be that high 😂

Error on my part…definitely not at 100’ 😂

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-I put my landing speed from 140knts to 160knts it depends on the aircraft type and the weight.
-Start to lower the power at 50ft.
-Flare at 30ft.
And i end up with a smooth landing.

Few tips for landing A320 softly:

  1. Maintain airspeed around 140knt. (depend on ur landing weight)
    2.Use APPR to have a stable approach. (I disconnect around 1600ft above ground)
  2. No drastic control movement.
  3. Look out and aim for the touchdown zone, don’t foucuse on the instrument too much.
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to add on to others… you don’t want to force the aircraft down… flaring+ idle thrust allows your airspeed to bleed off allowing for the plane to slowly sail to the ground. Move your thrust levers to idle around 10-20 callouts… and began a flare around the 20-30 callout. I hope you found that helpful!!! :)

Feel free to PM or tag me @Jster82x if you have any questions!!! :)

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