A320 landings

With the addition of the new live cockpit features for the A320 family, are there any tutorial videos you could recommend? I have searched every where but there seems not to be any. I mostly am just curious about maintaining the centre line on approach.

You mean this?

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No. More like a literal flight tutorial

Essentially it takes practice, but to maintain the centerline, you use the lateral CDI on the primary flight display to keep on the localizer:


For the localizer I learnt the best is like this:

So you have runway in the middle of those buttons

And for the glide slope I go visual with the help of indicator…


Yes! That’s the same thing for taxiing I found out!

Put the runway marks or taxi way lines in the middle of those 2 buttons.

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Exactly yeah

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Best view I use to be set up for a nice approach go into cockpit view so it’s reset at its default zoom and zoom in just a tad to feel like your actually seeing better than too far away 👊🏻


Thank you all. Just got to practice I guess.

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