A320 landing nightmare!

Hello all you wonderful people!

I have been an IF pilot for over 3 years now and I mostly get all my landings right and realistic. However, I am having no luck with the Airbus A320 :(
My landings are bumpy and most importantly I cannot hold the nose wheel up after flare. Instead it falls straight for the ground a second after I have touched down… So, as you can imagine, it is hardly realistic. What am I doing wrong?? Would love to get any help I can from all you experienced and talented pilots out there.

Try turning off the auto spoilers. They will pull the front wheel to the ground. Instead, turn them on after touchdown manually.

That’s a kind of physics bug affecting most aircraft in IF. It’s caused by the spoilers deployment.


So, if it is a bug… what can I do about it? Any suggestions. Somehow I can hold up the nose wheel of the 737s pretty long after touch down. This gives it a much more realistic feel. But my A320 landings are pathetic and hardly graceful :( Any ideas on how I could improve these.

As said, turn off auto deployment and turn them on manually after touchdown.

Just sounds like you need a higher speed and a gentle flare, a few degrees at most, when it says 20 callout reduce thrust to 0 and gently flare. I think normal load it’s something like 145kts (correct me if I’m wrong) seems to work alright think it does have a slightly exaggerated nose bounce but in reality flares only last a few seconds to bring the speed off.

Absolutely agree, the nose gear is like out of control hard land :(

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