A320 Landing Issue

Hello All!

So for 2 of my past three flights, I have flown an a320.

Both of them were somewhat crosswind landings, but not too extreme.

Each time I landed, I had a stable approach and a smooth touchdown, I did not encounter any issues with the nose slamming on the ground like others have posted about. Since they were crosswind landings, I needed to use the rudder very heavily upon landing. The thing is, it seemed like the rudder had little to no affect on the movement of the airplane. For example, landing at Ho Chi Minh City today, with full rudder to the right, the aircraft nearly went completely off the runway and into the grass. Only when I got below 45 knots did the a320 actually begin going right towards the centreline. This really took away all the fun of landing, and is very embarrassing landing that poorly in front of 10 planes waiting to take off, especially on the Expert Server.

Just wanted to know if this was a known issue, and if there is a way I could fix it.

P.S I have had even more brutal crosswind landings in many different aircraft types that barely deviate from the centreline of the runway and actually listen to my commands.

I am sorry if I am just being dumb, but no one else has posted about this, so…

Thank you in advance!

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On higher speeds, rudder has less effect. So you should be using rudder right before touchdown.

Yes, I always do that. It is impossible to land without doing that. I am just saying that after I straighten up with the rudder while midair, on the ground I suddenly have no control and no matter how much rudder I use, nothing happens. I once flew into the same airport in one day with both an a320 and a 738. The Boeing stayed straight, while the Airbus did not.

Still, rudder has less effect the faster you are.

Ok, but then how am I supposed to go straight on the runway? I can’t land at 80kts.

Use as much rudder as you can before touchdown to your advantage.

Ok, I’ll do one more test to see if that works then.

Ok that was weird. I did two tests, one without crosswind and one with 25kts.

Both times, I lined up to the runway and actually stayed straight.
Even though I was starlight, I still tried to use the rudder on the ground going just over 100kts, and suddenly the rudder worked fine like all the other aircraft.

Maybe it was just a fluke and and a glitch or something. Sometimes the rudder doesn’t work for a few tries when I am taxiing at like 10kts so I dunno.

Thank you anyway!

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Try to push your nose down more after your main wheels touch the ground. the nose wheel may be floating.

Thank you, but no, I checked on the replay and the wheel was firmly on the ground. I even did push the yoke forward to make sure of that

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hm. Weird.

The plane needs to slow down before using the rudder on the ground is more effective. Use the rudder prior to landing and then once down after slowing you can use more.

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Ok, thank you!