A320 Landing Gear

Notice the rear right side landing gear is messed up. I restarted my iPad and un/installed the game and it’s still there.
Is this a known issue?

Where does it look messed up?

Moved to bugs.

It’s the arrestee cable to be used when it lands on aircraft carriers.

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Look between the two rubber wheels…

I see now that’s for telling me

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I got it aswell, woops, thats another new part

I hope it’s just a bug and not a QC issue…

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It’s on my VA A320 as well. There’s a better angle.

This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.

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But it’s not a bug…

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In gaming community any graphic issues categorised as glitch. Maybe that should be used in this instance. bug commonly used for error in code…

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