A320 Landing gear lag

The landing gear of this a320 has a piece of it not fully retracted? Is it already a known issue?

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Although we can’t see the image, see here for Laura’s explanation. I think an update is being pushed now.
EDIT: the image is now visible and is what another user mentioned

The same thing has happened to me. Waiting for the update to come. As with all advancements, there are minor setbacks that will be taken care of eventually :)

After looking at the other topic they suggest to reinstall so let’s try that?

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Restart your device should suffice? There should be an update for the A320 in the app for you.

Re-installing now. The only update was about 9 hours ago

Yeah I already did it it think just reinstalling the app should work!

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Sounds like a plan :)
Let me know how it works.


It works after the reinstall!!!

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