A320 issue update?

The auto throttle has a very hard time maintaining speed on final approach. To the point where the plane usually slams down on the runway or something.

Never experienced that problem cause I always land by hand (except for in bad weather conditions)!

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I have trouble with smaller aircrafts. Big ones I can butter without question but the A320 and 737 fam are hard so I rely on the APPR.

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I usually land the A320 family pretty good with no throttle problems, however the 737 is a pain to takeoff and land in, never get it right 😂

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The only A320 Issue is still the Lack of a Rear Strobe :P

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A/THR off (like @Vinne wrote) is the best way to handle it apart from voting for the smoother autopilot transitions request in my opinion.

Haven’t heard anything about it being in the works myself so far.

The Airbus A320 doesn’t have any issues, it’s just pilot induced errors.

I have found personally that if I begin my approach too fast then it results with AP trying to over correct when slowing down resulting in what you are seeing.

If you can, you can record a flight (not replay) so we can see your configuration at different speeds.

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I’ve never had this problem even after dozens of flights so I guess it has to do with the rate of speed change.

I’d suggest lowering flaps at slightly higher speeds
Flaps 1 225kts
Flaps 2 200kts
Flaps 3 190kts
Full at 180kts

Unstabilised approach

  • Incorrect speed
  • incorrect capture of Glide Slope
  • Incorrect configuration

If all things are set up correct you can do nice landings in the A320 on APPR. I just did.

I prefer to land manually and suggest you try that too.

Practice approach/landings on solo.

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Possibly but whatever the problem is, it wasn’t there before 3 or 4 updates ago.

So if it’s my fault then I would happily accept that but I have seen a lot of other users with the same issue.

And another thing I forgot to mention is that it only starts over correcting at about 1500ft. Before that it’s smooth sailing 🤔

Provide a screen recording as Chris S said so we can see your config.

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That is way too fast, flaps 1 is usually around 200knts (Green dot speed, but we don’t have that in IF), then flaps 2 around 200, and 3 followed immediately by 4 as you slow down to Vref.

Your flaps 2 speed is right on the flaps limit, meaning if there was a gust of wind you could exceed it, while the flaps full limit is 177knts


I am well aware of that and if you read my comment correctly it is a suggestion for people experiencing instability

This will only make it more unstable as you are forcing it to adopt a nose down attitude which is unnatural. The issue is with going too fast usually, people just need to slow down.

  1. No it won’t make it more unstable in game and no it won’t force the nose down; it will lower the angle of attack

  2. If you experience the same problem while going too fast, please provide a video or a replay file as this has never happened with me or anyone from what I’ve seen

Telling people to “slow down” is a vague advice that could lead to worst problems

It will force the nose down in That they will need to force the nose down at a ridiculous angle to remain on the glide slope without going at a speed that impedes other traffic. Telling them to maintain ridiculous flap speeds will also lead to issues.

Try for yourself before making up scenarios please, the speed/flaps settings I suggested work well otherwise I would not write them down.

Just to give you my input, irl, pilots don’t fly all the way down using the autopilot. About 5nm DME, the pilots usually take over control if they can, or if they can, when they can see the threshold of the runway. I advise trying to fly the short final to landing manually

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I have, in a normally loaded A320 for approach at 180 knots with flaps full, you have to maintain a nose down attitude descend at all, which isn’t something that you do in normal operations. This has become off the topic of the support thread but I’m happy to continue in DM.