A320 in the mountains of Alaska

Hello all, yesterday I did a flight from KSEA to PAJN and I got some pretty epic shots, enjoy!

Callsign: SWVA706
Aircraft: Alaskan a320
Route: SEA - JNU
Flight time: 2:10
Server: Expert

Cruising above the hills

2 turning shots, which one do you guys prefer?

Hauling… butt on this turn!

Gear down

As the legend Bob Ross once said, “God was having a good day creating Alaska”

Hope you liked them!


Juneau always provides a great approach and departure. Nothing beats the Canadian Rockies though. When you’re standing there, they are unbelievable… Look at my profile picture for example. Not even edited, no special camera, just me, my phone, and a massive drop below me.


Canada is also a very beautiful place

Also your profile picture is absolutely amazing, never knew it was taken in Canada 😂

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Yeah it was 😂 riiiiggght about here

I lied it was in Alberta 🤣

I’m obsessed with transport (especially aviation) and geography (especially Canada).


The 4th photo is great:)

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Thank you for the feedback!

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Juneau is my favorite Alaskan airport, thanks for flying there! I can see you enjoyed the scenery. Great photos too. (The second turning photo is better)

On a side note: The airport 3-letter (IATA) code is JNU, not AJN. The PA in the 4-letter (ICAO) is because the A is for Alaska. Just like in Hawaii it is PH. Sooooo, I’m disturbed for some weird reason that it says AJN instead of the proper JNU, but whatever, it’s up to you to change it, not me.


Oh, and this is a great quote. I have good days when I visit Alaska.

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My bad, i changed it thanks for telling me though

Also yeah I like the second one as well


Beautiful photos!
To answer this question:

I like the top one of the two

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We got 1 for the top and 1 for the bottom

Also thanks for the feedback!

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Wow, those are such great pictures! The best I’ve seen in a while actually.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it; I had a Civil Air Patrol meeting to get to. I’d be glad to fly with you sometime soon!


Stunning pictures! The fourth is my favorite!


Best part about this whole thing.

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@anon38496261 hey it’s completely fine, I can always do it another day!
Also confrats on live! Enjoy it

@anon9524891 that one was the hardest one to take XD

@N801VP Yep, and it’s sad to see that he’s gone now :(